#BoldMoves from 2018 National Sexual Assault Coalition

#BoldMoves from 2018 National Sexual Assault Coalition

The 2018 National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC) “Bold Moves: Ending Sexual Violence in Once Generation”, held August 29-31st in Anaheim, California, was an incredible gathering of more than 1800 advocates, activists, and experts working to end violence.  This powerful gathering highlighted the voices of activists leading workshops including many Just Beginnings Collaborative fellows and Movement Makers including Beckie Masaki, Mily Treviño-Sauceda, Trina Greene Brown, Farah Tanis, Kelly Miller, and Corrine Sanchez.  The plenary speakers (see recordings below) reflected activists who are making connections between social justice and ending sexual violence.

At this year’s conference, Ms. Magazine, media sponsor for #NSAC2018 helped to lift up and share out the thought leadership of conference speakers in advance of the conference through speaker/attendee-authored blogs and at the conference by providing a Livestream of plenary sessions and interviews conducted by their digital editor, Carmen Rios. 

Check out the blogs that explore topics like the role of young mensurvivors at the intersections of homelessness and housingproviding space for healing and liberation to incarcerated women, projects aiming to end rape and assault in one generation, centering the Most Vulnerable Women Workers in the #MeToo Movement, and seeing and serving LGBTQ+ survivors.

Listen to compelling interviews conducted by Carmen Rios of Ms. Magazine. She provides a great re-cap of the conference on this blog where she also hosted interviews with movement leaders and advocates including: Sandra Henriquez of Calcasa, Tarana Burke of #MeTooMovement, Farah Tanis of BlackWomen Blueprint, Jen Brockman of the University of Kansas, Liza Aseballos of the TransLatin@ Coalition, Semeera Qureshi of Heart Women and Girls, and Holly Rider-Milkovich and many more.

Here, and below, courtesy of CALCASA, please find the recorded plenaries of Tarana Burke, Anabella Aguirre, Sandra Henriquez, Farah Tanis, KayTeshia Wescott, Dalton Dagondon Tiegs, Melody Minuet Klingenfuss., Bamby Salcedo and Lupe Gonzalo.

Day 1 Plenary Speakers:

Anabella Aguirre

Tarana Burke

Sandra Henriquez


Day 2 Plenary Speakers

KayTeshia Wescott

Dalton Dagondon Tiegs

Melody Minuet Klingenfuss

RALIANCE Managing Partners

DAY 3 Plenary Speakers

Bamby Salcedo

Lupe Gonzalo

Farah Tanis


David S. Lee
David S. Lee
David S. Lee
Director de prevención
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

David S. Lee es el director de prevención de la la coalición de California contra la agresión sexual (CALCASA por sus siglas en inglés). David administra PreventConnect, la comunidad cibernética líder en el país para el avance de la prevención primaria de violencia contra las mujeres y trabaja como parte de la asociación nacional Raliance. Aprendes más

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